Advanced 3D Scanning

Mimesis offers advanced 3D scanning services using LiDAR sensor technology and AIpowered neural engines, offering high-resolution object scanning services with pinpoint digital replicas of physical spaces and objects for architects, designers and heritage conservationists alike.

Seamless Integration With BIM and Other Applications

Mimesis was specifically created to integrate seamlessly with Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems and various 3D modeling applications, creating an efficient design and planning process. Professionals in construction and architecture will find this invaluable.

Realistic Visualization with VR/AR and XR Technologies

Our platform offers immersive visualization services, allowing users to experience and interact with 3D models in virtual environments. This feature is especially valuable for real estate agents and interior designers looking to offer their clients a realistic representation of properties or design layouts.

Cloud-Based Access and Management

With Mimesis, digital models created are stored and managed on the cloud to facilitate easy access and collaboration among professionals from anywhere worldwide. Teams can share and edit models easily from any location for improved teamwork and project management efficiency.

Customization and Interactive Design Tools

Users can interact with 3D models in real-time to make real changes such as altering layouts, selecting materials and experimenting with various design elements – making these interactive design tools invaluable to interior designers as well as individuals looking to modify and visualize their living or working spaces.

© 2023 Mimesis. All rights reserved.

© 2023 Mimesis. All rights reserved.